Amazon (US only) the official site of John Theaker.  
Here you will find all current info on my new 
album release...  ”Orion Rising”.  
Pics and audio examples of all 11 songs (click on the song title) are here, as well as a "Latest News" page, keeping you up to speed with what’s happening.  
I'll be updating the site as things evolve, so stay tuned!  You can purchase songs online or order directly.  Let me know and I'll getcha a hard copy CD with all the trimmins'.
 Feel free to send an email.  I'd like to know that you’ve stopped by!
Availability and ordering...
   “Orion Rising” is now available as special CD order, as well as digital download on ITunes (worldwide) and Amazon (US only).  CDs are available for $10 tax included (+ shipping where applicable).  ITunes and Amazon pricing is listed on their sites.  Simply click their link in the box below.
*Available at all GES gigs. I can even deliver one to you.  
You can contact me at gesmusic@mnsi.net

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