As any independent artist will reveal, random meetings with influential people and the opportunities that may arise as a result, are crucial in the development of one’s career.  So was the case a short time ago when a good friend called to ask if I could cover a gig.  He had played this engagement in past years but would be away on vacation this particular evening.  He asked if my act “Green•Eyed Soul” might be available.  It turns out we were and I was put in touch with the lady responsible for booking entertainment.  We worked out the details with the client and were scheduled to play the dance portion of the evening.  The client happened to be the Windsor Symphony Orchestra and the event was their annual fundraising gala.  Some high profile folks would be there so I made sure I’d be armed with plenty of business cards.  Just a couple of days later I got an email from the Symphony.  They asked if I would like to sing a song with the orchestra, a Sinatra song.  The theme for the Gala was “Come Fly Away” and the song they wanted was “Come Fly With Me”.  Anyone who’s seen us knows that we have a few Sinatra songs on the playlist but not this one.  Nevertheless, I thought it a wonderful opportunity to perform with such a talented group of musicians.  Of course I would do it!  Something different, exciting, and a chance to meet the Maestro;  John Morris Russell.  I would also meet the MC of the evening, Tony Doucette.  I remembered Tony as the Sports guy on CBC TV here many years ago.  Well now he’s the host of “The Early Shift”, CBC’s morning radio program.  It turns out Tony enjoyed my performance and was inquisitive about the CD.  As a result, he invited me down to the station to do an in studio interview.  I was honoured!

  Just another small opportunity that resulted in significant exposure, and the good fortune of meeting (among others), two very cordial and highly respected members of our community;  Tony Doucette and John Morris Russell.  The interview aired on May 18 and can be heard here.  Indications are that there may also be further possibilities of performing with the WSO. 

We all must embrace opportunity, for who knows where delightful diversions will adventure us.

John Morris Russell


Windsor Symphony Orchestra

Tony Doucette

Host: “The Early Shift

CBC radio 97.5fm Windsor

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